Hi, my name is Chema. Punkpadour is the moniker I use when I write or draw RPG related stuff and make zines.
I'm open for commissions!

Yokai Hunters Society RPG Zine

Yokai Hunters Society is a rules-light, pen & paper role-playing game about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.

The adventures you can play range from facing the monster of the week to complex investigations or political plots, to routine cleansing jobs. A horror-genre approach to the game’s stories is recommended, with bonus points if it gestures towards the psychological horror characteristics of many Japanese films and comics.

It's written and illustrated by Chema González, edited by Tyler Crumrine and based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme. In its original pamphlet version, it was created as an entry for the Goon Jam, and reached 4th place out of 63 amazing entries. The zine is an expanded, edited and illustrated version of that original idea.

Available formats

  • Physical zine: First printing (100 copies). A5, 36 pages, stapled zine. 120gsm silk uncoated paper. 300gsm matt laminated silk cover. Black & white printing. SOLD OUT
  • Print-on-Demand zine: A5, 36 pages, black & white paperback. Although the paper is not as good as in the original edition, misprints have been corrected.
  • PDF zine: A 36 pages digital zine. You get any future updates or aditions I make to the game.
  • PDF pamphlet: There is a PWYW digital pamphlet ready to print and play. This version of the game is fully functional and includes all the basic rules.

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Punkpadour - Issue One

Punkpadour # 1 is both an experiment and a blatant self-promotion strategy. In this 20-page zine, you will find some of my latest illustrations as well as orphan comic pages accompanied by texts created by Transformer: a modern neural network built by Adam King (@AdamDanielKing) using the new OpenAI machine learning model.

Available formats

    PDF zine: A 20-page black and white digital zine.

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